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Wild Bob App for the outdoormen

We are both pleased and excited to introduce to the outdoor enthusiast what we think is a must have tool when you are in the wilderness, Wild Bob App. The app is sold in both Microsoft App store and Google play and it gives the user what he needs to ensure a wonderful safe outdoor experience whether it's backpacking, mountain climbing, kayaking or boating.

Wild Bob Features:

All temps and distances are provided to you in both British and Metric system units.
Enjoy your trip in the wild and come back safely to your family and friends.

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Weather forecast Local Map Compass Marine forecast

Money Czar App for Personal Finance.

Money Czar gives you all the following and more at your finger tips:

Money Czar is Ad free app and best of all with the exception of the Currency Converter module, no internet connection is needed.

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DentWorks for Dental Practice

dental tools

Few years ago, I had talks with many Dentists who expressed their displeasure with the dominating companies in Dental Practice Management. The more I knew about their products, the more I felt the frustration of those Dentistsbeing taken advantage of, charged for services that are never delivered and for databases they never got while they are using antiquated technologies that don't provide any security for their data and cannot accomodate their ever changing and evoloving needs in Practice Management. I embarked on development of this product, Dentworks, with a couple of dentists to try to use the latest modern and most stable technologies and include a feature set that is very hard to find in the market. When you take a look at our feature set, you will realize that Dentworks has more potential and more comprehensive features than most if not all other Dental Practice Software Management Applications, most of which will need to be rewritten in a matter of few years to cope with the fast moving world of operating systems and databases and the increasing demands of informed user community.

Here are some of DentWorks features:

Charting Dental Codes Filing Claims Audit Trail General Ledger

BShort for Shorthand typing in courts and media

We are so excited to announce the launch of our new product BShort for use in Middle Eastern Courts, Arbitration Centers and Media Outlets Where Arabic and English languages are used. No need to buy an expensive stenograph and hire an expensive stenographer. With our software and a reasonably good typist, you are well on your way to add the capability of producing Written and Audio records of your cases to your business. And with the help of your MS Word application, a professionally looking minute reports are at your finger tips.
We plan to introduce support for French, Spanish, Farsi and Urdu languages in our next release; version 2.0.
BShort will enable Courts and Arbitration Centers to have Audio and Written records of Law suits and Arbitration cases that are easily editable and reproducible. We are hopeful that this will revolutionize the way law suits are managed all over the Middle East and the Arabic speaking world.

 Stenograph2 Versus 1 Laptop

You don't need to invest in 2 new machines that are worth a lot of money especially that there is no Arabic stenograph till this very day and you don't need to invest in developing skills to operate 2 different machines. How? Easy, the solution is available for install on any Laptop or Desktop that you already have and you can setup the Software to abbreviate commonly uttered phrases the way you see fit so you will be more likely to remember sooner phrases you set yourself.

An Average PC with these system requirements is all you need!
Case Listings
Entering a new Case
Editing and working a case